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Giant weaving kits

Ref. 753 - 801 - 924

Practice weaving over and over again!



JPG Images: 753-801-924
PDF Instructions: 753-801

Practice weaving these mats again and again without them tearing. In Henbea, our weaving mats are a great way to improve hand, wrist and finger dexterity. Our mats are also made out of an extremely flexible plastic with many variations of colours. This makes our product effect for both individual use or group activities in school.

Contents: 2 square mats and 16 colour strips.

Measurement: 41,5 x 33 cm

We offer 3 different models of weaving mats, which are the following:

Ref.: 754 – 2 square frames and 16 coloured strips.

Ref.: 801 – 2 frames in the shape of a butterfly and snail with 16 strips.

Ref.: 924 – 3 square gradient frames with 16 strips.

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