Nuestro calendario magnético
  • Nuestro calendario magnético
  • Nuestro calendario magnético
  • Nuestro calendario magnético

Our Magnetic Calendar

Ref. 759

A durable calendar, perfect for the classroom. It has a colourful aluminium frame and it is easy to hang up on the wall with screws.



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A permanent robust school calendar with plastic figures to add on! Finished with a deluxe aluminium frame easily wall-mounted in a printed box. The calendar is an organised way for children to visualise days, months, years and seasons, all in one. It also includes meteorological cards to learn how to comment on the weather. What a great way to start the day!

Measurement: 60 x 55 cm.


71 adhesive magnets

31 days

12 months

4 seasons

5 years

4 children figures with weather appropriate clothing

5 meteorological discs to stick on accordingly with the weather

3 geometric shapes to indicate today, tomorrow and yesterday.

HenBea also offers a variety of languages to choose from for this calendar, the languages are the following:

Ref.: 759/I - English 
Ref.: 759 - Spanish 
Ref.: 759/IT - Italian
Ref.: 759/A - Germany 
Ref.: 759/G - Greek 
Ref.: 759/LI - Lituanian 
Ref.: 759/P - Portuguese 
Ref.: 759/F - French

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