Wooden Bases of Mirrors
  • Wooden Bases of Mirrors
  • Wooden Bases of Mirrors

Wooden Bases of Mirrors

Ref. 919

Two wooden mirrors stands varnished in bright colours with a groove to fit any HenBea mirrors



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Our unbreakable plastic mirrors are a vital addition to any classroom environment. These mirrors are ideal for children to learn about themselves, learn how to express themselves and for speech therapy training.

As specialist manufacturers, these security mirrors for the little ones are approved by all the international safety regulations. This allows all buyers to have complete tranquility when buying from HenBea.

The surface of our measuring mirrors is made out of methacrylate and for the frame we offer different colours and models such as tinted wood, lacquered aluminium or beech tree wood.

To complement our un reachable mirrors, we have created 2 wooden supports, available in 4 different colours, with 2 slots where any of our mirrors fit. This way the mirror can be placed in a standing position making it easier to see your full reflection in the mirror.

Ref: 919/1 - Red
Ref: 919/2 - Blue
Ref: 919/3 - Green
Ref: 919/4 - Yellow

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