Plantillas Henbea. Animales de granja
  • Plantillas Henbea. Animales de granja

Educational Stencils: Bright classic colours

Ref. 716 - 717 - 743 - 756 - 826 - 834 - 865

These Educational stencils can be used in many creative ways: for drawing interior and exterior contours as well as for painting and sponge printing.

Made in flexible polypropylene in bright colours, they are long lasting and washable.



PDF Instrucciones / Instructions
JPG Imágenes / Images

These sets include 6 templates, they are 0.8mm thick, made out of bright coloured polypropylene.

They are flexible and can be easily washed. For these reasons they can be used with different techniques, for painting with brushes, sponges or fingers. The possibilities are endless!

Each stencil silhouette is designed to have rounded edges and both the interior and exterior contours can be traced.

Ref: 716 – Farm animals
Ref: 717 – Transport
Ref: 743 – People
Ref: 756 – Zoo animals
Ref: 826 – In the park
Ref: 834 – Sea animals
Ref: 865 – Pets

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