Espejos cara círculos y cuadrados
  • Espejos cara círculos y cuadrados
  • Espejos cara círculos y cuadrados
  • Espejos cara círculos y cuadrados

Flexible Mirror Sheets

Ref. 762 - 763 - 922 - 923 - 929 - 1088

Mirrors that can bend for concave and convex images.

For symmetry observation.



JPG Images: 762
PDF Instructions: Mirror sheets

Unbreakable mirrored sheets made out of plastic, perfect for children. They can be used as decoration for classrooms placed together or separate. They can also be easily bent, creating distort shapes in the reflection. The mirrors can also be cut into a variety of shapes and sizes. This can also be a fun exercise for the children, creating their own shapes.

These sheets of unbreakable mirror are a key addition to any classroom or teaching space. They can be used for speech therapy, to learn about self expression, facial expressions and self realisation.

As specialist manufacturers, these security mirrors for the little ones are approved by all the international safety regulations.

We also have a variety of shapes and sizes for our mirrors:

Ref: 762 - 8 square and 8 circles (Measurements: 9,5cms)

Ref: 763 - Kit of 8 mirrors (Measurements: 14x20cms)

Ref: 922 - 10 star mirrors (Measurements: 12cms)

Ref: 923 - 10 square mirrors (Measurements: 12cms)

Ref: 929 - 10 circle mirrors (Measurements: 12cms)

Ref: 1088 - 10 rectangle mirrors (Measurements: 13x8cms)

Ref: 1098 - Pack 24 mirror sheets (Measurements: 12cms)

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