• Espejo infantil irrompible
  • Espejo infantil irrompible

Safety Acrylic Mirror: Aluminium frame

Ref. 754/C - 754/D

The unbreakable mirrors for children are a key accessory for any classroom. They are ideal for teaching speech therapy, body expression and self-recognition.

As specialist manufacturers, these security mirrors for the little ones are approved by all the international safety regulations.

The mirror is made out of acrylic and the frames can be aluminium or wood in whatever colour you choose.



PDF Instructions: Mirrors
JPG Images: 754C

Our safety mirrors are great in any infant classroom, bedroom or children's play area. They are perfectly suited for teaching speech therapies, body expression and self-knowledge.

HenBea mirrors offer total security for babies and toddlers, complying with the European Safety Standards: EN71:1,2&3.

The surface of these mirrors is made of clear quality acrylic with the possibility of choosing between several colour options in its framing. Within the different models we offer, you can choose between coloured or natural, or lacquered aluminium with rounded edges for wall fixing.

Ref.: 754/C1 - Alumium frame red 100 x 65 cm
Ref.: 754/C2 - Alumium frame blue 100 x 65 cm
Ref.: 754/C3 - Alumium frame green 100 x 65 cm
Ref.: 754/C4 - Alumium frame yellow 100 x 65 cm

Ref.: 754/D1 - Alumium frame red 120x50cm
Ref.: 754/D2 - Alumium frame blue 120x50cm
Ref.: 754/D3 - Alumium frame green 120x50cm
Ref.: 754/D4 - Alumium frame yellow 120x50cm

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