Reloj manual
  • Reloj manual

Analogue-digital Clock

Ref. 772 - 774

Polypropilene clock with silk-screen painting.



JPG Images: 772

In HenBea our clocks are ideal to teach children hours and numbers. As the main clock face and handles are made out of our durable plastic, the product can be used as many times as you want. This material allows someone to write on it with an erasable marker that can be easily wiped off afterwards.

Our design has been improved in order to make the numbers easier to read and easier to relate the minutes to the hours.

The minutes that come after the hour are in black and all the minuted that come before the full hour are white. Every 5 minutes on the clock there is a background colour change and every 15 minutes has a white background. The clock also shows the 24 hour clock numbers in small colour circles next to the 12 hour number which are bigger. Depending on the product reference some also come with animal drawings next to each number.

HenBea has 3 different manual clocks to choose from, which are the following 3 references:

Ref.: 772 - Clock face with animals, 39 x 22 cm with dry wipe pen.

Ref.: 774 - Clock face with numbers with children, 39 x 22 cm with dry wipe pen.

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