Educational Stencils: Translucent colours

Ref. 910 - 911 - 912 - 913 - 914 - 915 - 916 - 1091

These Educational stencils can be used in many creative ways: for drawing interior and exterior contours as well as for painting and sponge printing.

Made in flexible polypropylene in bright colours, they are long lasting and washable.



PDF Instructions: Stencils
JPG Images: 910

These educational stencils can be used in many creative ways:

Inner and outer contour tracing with a pencil.

Sponge printing with temperas.

Blow painting negative and positive images.

Simple puzzle of contour recognition.

Made in flexible, brightly coloured polypropylene and rounded shapes makes them durable, washable and safe for children´s use, also helping them to develop their:



Observation skills

Can also be used for free play and colour mixing on light tables.

Ref: 910 – People
Ref: 911 – Transport
Ref: 912 – In the park
Ref: 913 – Zoo animals
Ref: 914 – Sea animals
Ref: 915 – Pets
Ref: 916 – Farm animals
Ref: 1091 – Dinosaur

Measurement: 15x21cm

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