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HENBEA has a new commitment to the environment: To be as eco-friendly as possible.


Throughout its 36 years of existence, HENBEA has specialised in the manufacturing and design of educational games specializing in silk-screen printing and laser cutting in laminate plastic, as this has many advantages in terms of both hygiene and durability in the hands of children.

Since its beginnings HENBEA has been responsible for achieving sustainable waste management, giving a second life to all the plastic left over from its production and seeking a symbiosis with other companies that recycle and reuse it again. 

From 2022 onwards, HENBEA has a new commitment to the environment: To be as eco-friendly as possible, both in its products and in its production. Therefore, some materials will not only be recyclable but now also recycled. We will start with a small selection of already existing products and will gradually expand the ECO range.

Among other short term goals we have: is the reusable and more sustainable packaging for all its products, the reduction of the use of paper: online instructions, digital catalogues and the use of renewable energy: solar energy in the factory.

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