AA. Aluminium Acrylic Mirror

Ref: 754

Aluminium Acrylic Mirror

· The mirror surface made of clear, quality methacrylate with wooden or aluminium frame.
· An important piece for every Infant classroom for self-awareness.
· Teaching aid for speech therapy, dressing-up, corporal expression and emotions.
· Great combined with the Baby Balancing bar for toddlers.

Ref.: 755/A1 - Wooden frame red
Ref.: 755/A2 - Wooden frame blue
Ref.: 755/A3 - Wooden frame green
Ref.: 755/A4 - Wooden frame yellow

Ref.: 755/C1 - Alumium frame red
Ref.: 755/C2 - Alumium frame blue
Ref.: 755/C3 - Alumium frame green
Ref.: 755/C4 - Alumium frame yellow

Ref.: 755/F - Varnished wood

Edad 1a6